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25 January 2024

Mining Definitions

Block A Claim of fixed dimensions
Frontage A Claim which has a fixed width across a Line/Reef/Vein, but its length was determined by the length of the Line/Reef/Vein.

Public Company A company which trades on the stock market and which has its shares issued to the public.
Private Company A company that does not trade on the stock market and any shares which may be issued are held by either co-workers, family or those immediately associated with the operation of the company, in this case the functioning of the mining company.
Where known, prospectus's are included with any companies that are known to have been public companies.

Mens Ground
As described in the 1861 Gold Fields Act & Regulations - Addendum to Section 41 (1862)

1861 Reefs and Veins
Definition of
1861 Interpretation of Mine, Gold, Gold Fields and Claims - Meanings
A miner who was paid a percentage of the value of whatever ore he mined.