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Apart from the Church of England graveyard and the Catholic cemetery there are three references made to another cemetery, aka the burying ground or burial ground between 1852 and 1859.

Figure 1 - Cropped area of the 1859 Plan showing proposed allotment boundaries for the
and the cemetery and slaughtering yards

Figure 2 - Table of Measurements for the 1859 Tambaroora Town Plan

The survey bench mark used in Figure 1 for survey lines 2, 9 and 11 no longer exists, it was a casualty of a hydraulically sluiced area. No trace on ground has been found of a replacement.

All subsequent plans produced in 1859 and 1860 show the cemetery in the same position, this is the result of copying from the original 1859 map and the area not being re-surveyed, these later maps show the shape of the cemetery and the slaughter yards but none note them by name. Later charting plans do not show the cemetery.

The Plan used in Figure 3 below is a cropped portion of the 1859 plan, it has been overlaid using Google Earth Pro (GEP) and aligned using existing fence lines, some of which have unique bends and alignments which made accuracy easier. The two residences shown at "Q" and "W" on the plan aided in ensuring the correct Lot alignments.

Figure 3 - Cropped area of the 1859 Plan overlaid on Satellite imagery using GEP
Produced by Warwick P Taylor 2017

No mining activity has been identified in this area, the Tambaroora and Turon River Gold Field Map of 1877 does not show any Leases being applied for or issued. Later mining applications from post the 1874 Mining Act again show no activity in the area. In 1893 the area was surveyed by Surveyor Blackett for the development of suburban lots in the north east corner of the town. No indication of the cemetery is shown nor is any mention made in his survey notes. The area does appear to have a history of slaughter yards with the addition of two other yards either still operational at the time of the 1893 survey or their remnants were visible to the Surveyor, these yards are positioned just to the east of where the cemetery is located. This could indicate that the cemetery area has been well trodden by stock movement over the preceding years.

Using the scale on the 1859 Plan the measurement of the cemetery is 90 feet x 45 feet or 136 links x 68 links, again GEP has been used to determine the size.

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