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GENERAL CEMETERY - Gazetted 1863

This Cemetery is mentioned in the same table in the NSW Gazette that the Church of England land was gazetted, the Cemetery according to the Gazette was to be located approximately ¾ mile south easterly from the Town covering an area of 3 acres 3 roods 0 perches. Although mentioned in the same table in the same NSW Gazette as the Church of England its position puts it to far east of the Church of England complex in Section 16. When measured using Google Earth Pro to determine its location and taking the measurements from the Post Office in town itself, the Cemetery would be located on what is now private property 720 metres east of the current General Cemetery.

If it was part of the Church of England appropriation as seen in Section 16 it seems strange that it was not included in the table as being part of that Section. Another interesting fact is that it was allocated a specific area of 3 acres 3 roods, indicating that it would have been surveyed to be able to determine that size.

Hopefully time may reveal its existence.