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Chinese Temple / Josh House located on Section 1 Mudgee Road
The Gully in the forefront of the image crossed Mudgee Road from
the east and entered Tambaroora Creek at the western extremity of Chinatown.
Image Courtesy of the State Library of NSW

Location: Lot 3 Section 1 as seen on the 1892 Map (6)

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1892 Map (6)

The date of the Chinese Temples presence in Tambaroora is not known but would have been built not long after the arrival of the first Chinese miners in 1856. Located in the northern portion of the town occupying Lots 3 and 4 of Section 1 it would have been a prominent structure looking south along Mudgee Road. To a visitor travelling north along Mudgee Road thru the Town it would have been very distinguishable from the other drab slab and bark buildings. The colourful signs adorning the front of the building and entry doors would have been hard to miss when passing by. It also was the beginning of Chinatown situated on the northern part of the Town and extending north along Tambaroora Creek and the lower south east part of Red Hill.

An article in the Maitland Mercury and Hunter River General Advertiser in 1874 written by a travelling reporter noted that a new Josh House had recently been erected overlooking Chinatown. The location of this Josh House is still unknown.

Sadly the site of the first Temple was hydraulically sluiced in the 1930's and all traces of its existence have been destroyed as was the fate of the entire Chinatown itself.

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