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In 1873 application was made under the 5th clause of the Crown Lands Alienation Act of 1861 for a site for a Primitive Methodist Church at Lot 5 - Section 10 and Ministers Residence on Lot 12 - Section 10 (416)

The site was surveyed on the 14th May 1873.

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The application was approved on the 26th June 1874 and the land was withdrawn from the Temporary Common on the 29th July 1874. Dedication of the land took place on the 8th January 1875 and in 1877 the following persons were appointed Trustee's, Reverends George JAMES, Bernard KENNY, John Anderson FROGGON, Charles WATERS and James STUDDS.

22nd Jan 1880 - Grants were given for the Primitive Methodist Chapel at Lot 5 Section 10 and for the Ministers Residence at Lot 12 Section 10.

To date there is no evidence to indicate if a Church was actually built on the site. Soil erosion has taken its toll on the site and the ground does not show any signs of occupation.

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