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The Racecourse was established in 1853 after a meeting of residents and other interested parties was organised to discuss holding a race meeting.

The course layout occupied an area on the east side of the current Hill End road, elongated in shape running north south it commenced where the Escort Track entered the Tambaroora settlement in the vicinity of the future Clarke Street in the north, the western part of the track ran down along what was to become known as Mudgee Road, now Hill End Road, the track curved around to the east at the future Price Street where the Church of England were to establish their church and school in 1854, from here it headed north to rejoin at the Escort Track. The Track is barely visible on the original plan but "racecourse" can be seen clearly inside the course, the brown line follows the course on the outside. The surveyor has included the location of a Stand just on the inside of the course in the north west of the track.

The image above shows the racecourse located on the right of the map above the Church of England land, 'RACE COURSE' is written vertically between the Church of England lot and the escort track, a faint line shows the outline of the race course.

The race meeting was to be held on the 11th, 12th and 13th of May on a Racecourse next to Mr. Townsend's Inn. A committee was formed to oversee the format for the event.

At a latter meeting held by the newly formed committee on the 11th Apr 1853 at Mr. Wallace's Inn a Program for the race meeting was decided upon.

The results and after event function from that first race meeting were impressive and further race meetings were held on an annual basis.

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