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Time Line
Development of the Tambaroura

1851 1852 1853 1854
1857 1858 1859
1860 1861 1862 1863 1864
1865 1867 1868 1869
1870 1871 1872

Date Event

Gold and the Law
22nd May 1851 Goldfield Proclamation
23rd May 1851 Licences to Dig for Gold and Search for Gold
Description of the Area and Satellite Gold Fields
8th Oct 1851 The Turon as reported by a Correspondent
21st Oct 1851 Gold Values
29th Oct 1851 The Turon, including Hawkins Ridge and Dirt Hole Creek

10th Feb 1852 The Goldfields - The Turon
Establishment of the Tambaroora Settlement and Administrative and Judicial Precinct for the Lower Turon, Macquarie, Bald Hills, Golden Gully, Tambaroora, Dirt Holes and Green Valley.
18th Feb 1852 The Stockyards
24th Feb 1852 Location of the Commissioners Camp
27th Feb 1852 Courts of Petty Sessions Established
28th Feb 1852 The Goldfields - The Turon
5th Mar 1852 Reservoirs for Washing Gold
12th Mar 1852 Tambaroura Creek
26th Mar 1852 Granting of Publicans General Licences
14th Apr 1852 Postal Service to Tambaroora
5th May 1852 Appointment of Patrick BOGUE, Esquire, as a Magistrate
17th Apr 1852 The Dirt Hole, Tambaroura, and Baldridge Creek
14th May 1852 Sale of Beer in Dirt Holes Creek
27th May 1852 Appointment of James BUCHANAN as Clerk of Petty Sessions
10th Jul 1852 Transportation to The Tambaroura and the Dirt Holes Creek
27th Jul 1852 Appointment as Inspector of Slaughter Houses
2th Aug 1852 Post Office Established
6th Aug 1852 Appointment as Inspector of Distilleries
13th Aug 1852 Tenders for Conveyance of Mails
21st Aug 1852 Formation of the Tambaroura Miners Association
18th Sep 1852 Agency for the Bathurst Free Press and Mining Journal
19th Sep 1852 Wesleyan Church Opened
23rd Oct 1852 Appointment of Church of England Cleryman
30th Oct 1852 Name meaning of Tambaroura
21st Dec 1852 An Act for the Regulation of the Police Force
25th Dec 1852 Coal Hole Tavern Closed on Sundays

25th Jan 1853 Appointment of Clerk of Petty Sessions
2nd Feb 1853 Proclamation for Gold Fields
25th Feb 1853 Appointment of Registrar of the Court of Requests
4th Mar 1853 Tenders for Supplies
12th Mar 1853 Tambaroora Cricket Club Match
25th Mar 1853 Public Pound Established
2nd Apr 1853 Meeting to Propose Holding a Horse Race Meeting
19th Apr 1853 Annual Licencing Meeting
29th Apr 1853 Table of Rates - Trespass of Stock
11th and 12th May 1853 Program for the First Race Meeting
11th Jun 1853 Establishment of the Church of England School
9th Jul 1853 Tambaroora Gold Mining Joint Stock Company
19th Jul 1853 Tenders for Conveyance of Mails
22nd Jul 1853 Resignation and Appointment of a Poundkeeper
16th Aug 1853 Appointment of Inspector of Weights and Measures
19th Aug 1853 Table of Rates for Trepass of Stock
The Beginning of Quartz Crushing and the Discovery of Quartz Veins on Bald Hill
26th Oct 1853 Quartz Crushing at Tambaroora
12th Nov 1853 Royal Quartz Crushing Company
27th Dec 1853 Discovery of a Gold Bearing Quartz Vein
Adminstrative, Social and Mining Developments of the Town and the Area

11th Feb 1854 William Wade's Vegetable Garden
29th Mar 1854 Meeting to Build a Church of England Church and School
8th Jul 1854 Opening of the Church of England Church and School
23rd Sep 1854 Tambaroora Circulating Library
29th Nov 1854 Salaries to be Paid to Clerks of Petty Sessions
16th Dec 1854 Subscriptions Towards a new Catholic Church
29th Dec 1854 Appointment of Police Magistrate

17th Feb 1855 Colonial Gold Company
3rd Apr 1855 Tambaroora
24th Apr 1955 Church of England Wardens Appointed
24th May 1855 Subscribers to the Patriotic Fund
28th Jul 1855 Dublin Tavern For Sale

15th Jul 1856 Movement of Chinese to the Goldfields

21st Jan 1857 Appointment of Gold Receiver and Sub-Commissioner of Crown Lands
25th Feb 1857 Sale of Hargraves Hotel
18th Jul 1857 Tambaroura, The Area

19th Feb 1858 Appointment of Inspector of Weights and Measures and Slaughter Houses and Bailiff of the Small Debts Court
20th Mar 1858 Disturbance between Chinese and Europeans
29th Mar 1858 Petition to Establish a Local Court
2nd Aug 1858 Public Meeting Held to Discuss a Permanent Water Supply
1st Sep 1858 Description of, and Population of the Chinese on the Goldfield
4th Sep 1858 The Chinese at Tambaroora

26th Jan 1859 A Visit to the Western Goldfield
16th Aug 1859 Birth, Deaths and Marriage Registration District
16th Dec 1859 Site Fixed Upon for a Town to be called Tambaroora
17th Dec 1859 Candidates for Chinese Interpreter

2nd Jun 1860 Meeting to Propose the Purchase of a Crushing Machine
11th Jun 1860 Tenders for Telegraph Line from Bathurst to Mudgee via Tambaroora
17th Aug 1860 Site Fixed Upon for a Village called Forbes (Hill End)
20th Oct 1860 Land Sale at the Police Office, Tambaroora
10th Nov 1860 Victoria Quartz Crushing Machine

12th Jan 1861 The Victoria Quartz Crushing Company
10th Apr 1861 Land Sale at the Police Office, Tambaroora
7th Aug 1861 Tenders for Watch-House
9th Aug 1861 Tender for the Erection of a Watchhouse
18th Oct 1861 Crown Land Alienation Act, 1861, Clause 8

11th Jan 1862 Tambaroora Road Trust
27th Jan 1862 Meeting of the Committee of the Tambaroora Hospital
9th May 1862 Name Changed from Forbes to Hill End
3rd Jun 1862 The Letting or Sale of the Victoria Quartz Crushing Company
4th Jun 1862 Queens Birthday Cricket Match
4th Sep 1862 Electric Telegraph Office
17th Oct 1862 Fire Destroys Patens Bakery and other Stores
7th Nov 1862 Telegraph Station Opened
17th and 18th Nov 1862 Burtons National Circus

27th Jan 1863 Subscribers for the National School
16th Jul 1863 Lands Dedicated for Public Use

27th Feb 1864 Chinese Travelling Theatre or Circus Comes to Town
5th May 1865 Crown Lands Dedicated for Religious Purposes
25th Jul 1865 Land Sale at Police Office, Tambaroora
25th Jul 1865 Establishment of a Public Pound
25th Sep 1865 Repairs needed to Bridge over Creek at MacMahon Street
27th Sep 1865 Land Sale at the Police Office, Tambaroora
29th Sep 1865 Appointment as Inspector of Slaughter-Houses

13th Feb 1867 Sale of the Hargraves Hotel
11th Jun 1867 Public Pound Relocated

3rd Mar 1868 Public School Board Appointed

26th Jul 1869 Land Sale at Tambaroora
31st Aug 1869 Appointment of Mining Registrar

8th Feb 1870 Hill End and Tambaroora Temporary Commonage
15th Apr 1870 Tenders for Construction of a New Church of England Church
23rd Apr 1870 Move to Establish a Branch of the Protestant Political Association
23rd Apr 1870 Move to Establish a Branch of the Protestant Political Association
6th Aug 1870 Population of the Police District
6th Aug 1870 Meeting for the Creation of the Protestant Political Association
8th Aug 1870 Random Notes by a Wandering Reporter - TAMBAROORA
11th Aug 1870 Random Notes by a Wandering Reporter - The BALD HILLS

15th Apr 1871 Meeting held to Propose the Erection of a Protestant Hall
17th May 1871 St Saviours Opened for Divine Service
19th Aug 1871 Foundation Stone laid for the Protestant Hall
2nd Sep 1871 Telegraph Line from Tambaroora to Hill End

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