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11 Jun 1860 Tenders for Telegraph Line from Bathurst to Mudgee via Tambaroora

4 Sep 1862 Proposed Opening

7 Nov 1862 Telegraph Station Opened

01 Oct 1862 Telegraph Office was rented from Mr. Thomas Paten at a yearly rental of £20 per annum. (080)

17 Oct 1862 Two newspaper articles describe the fire that burnt down the Office, the Sydney Morning Herald and the Clarence and Richmond Examiner and New England Advertiser

Station Masters: 3rd Jul 1863 - D. St.MAUNDER (236) No.130, Pg.1472 dtd 3rd Jul 1863

28th Jul 1863 - J.P. OLSEN (236) No.145, Pg.1633 dtd 28rd Jul 1863

31 Dec 1870 Postal duties were combined with those of the Electric Telegraph at Tambaroora. (080)

2 Sep 1871 Telegraph Line from Tambaroora to Hill End

Image: Yes - circa 1872/73, part of the Holtermann Collection

Location: Circa 1872/73, Lot 4 Section 4 Mudgee Road. It was still located on Thomas Patens Lot 4.

Maps: (Note) Google Map (005) 1892 Map (006)