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22nd May 1851
Goldfield Proclamation

23rd May 1851
Licences to Dig for Gold and Search for Gold

5th Aug 1851
Additional Gold Regulations
Licenses issued only for dust, grain, scale, or lump gold and does NOT include Matrix

7th Oct 1851
Additional Gold Regulations

8th Oct 1851
The Turon as reported by a Correspondent
This is an early report on the Lower Turon Gold Discoveries

21st Oct 1851
Gold Regulations
Drainage of Ponds and Watecourses

21st Oct 1851
Gold Values
Value of Gold set when used to pay for Licence Fees

29th Oct 1851
The Turon, including Hawkins Ridge and Dirt Hole Creek

18th Nov 1851
Gold Regulations
Licenses granted to dig for Gold on Private Lands

25th Nov 1851
Additional Gold Regulations
1. Termination of General Lease arrangements on Crown lands in favour of granting Licenses to Miners
2. Working of Quartz Veins

29th Nov 1851
The Lower Turon, Gold Discoveries