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Publican Licence issued for the Coal Hole Tavern located at Dirt Hole Creek

18th Feb 1852
The Stockyards
The forerunner of Tambaroora

24th Feb 1852
Location of the Commissioners Camp

27th Feb 1852
Gold Receipts

5th Mar 1852
Reservoirs for Washing Gold

5th Mar 1852
Further Gold Regulations

2nd Apr 1852
Gold Regulations, Amended Code of Regulations

14th Apr 1852
Postal Service to Tambaroora
Letter to the Newspaper
With mention of a visit by Burton Circus

17th Apr 1852
The Dirt Hole, Tambaroura, and Baldridge Creek

28th Apr 1852
Mining Grievances raised by Mr. James McEachern

10th Jul 1852
Transportation to The Tambaroura and the Dirt Holes Creek

13th Jul 1852
Gold Regulations

27th Jul 1852
Additional Gold Regulations
Combining operations on four or less Quartz claims

21st Aug 1852
Formation of the Tambaroura Miners Association

19th Sep 1852
Wesleyan Church Opened

23rd Oct 1852
Appointment of Church of England Cleryman
and Meeting to propose the erecting of a Church

30th Oct 1852
Name meaning of Tambaroura

30th Oct 1852
The Western Goldfield
The Tambaroura

Letters to the Newspaper