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27 Feb 1864
Chinese Travelling Theatre or Circus Comes to Town

31 Mar 1864
Miner Accidently Killed

15 Apr 1864
Deeds of Grant Ready for Delivery

5 May 1864
Exportation of the Remains of Dead Chinese

10 Jun 1864
Miner Accudently Killed

28 Jun 1864
Body of Chinaman Recovered from River

5 Aug 1864
Approval to Purchase Improved Lands

10 Aug 1864
Upon Nicholas MURRAY by Charles Foss
and arrest of Charles FOSS

11 Aug 1864
Upon George ROBINSON by a Chinaman
and arrest of Ah CHUE

15 Aug 1864
Chinaman Swept Away down River

16 Sep 1864
Approval to Purchase Improved Lands

4 Oct 1864
Approval to Purchase Improved Lands

2 Nov 1864
Robbery and Murder by Bushrangers
of Alexander MASSEN at Lower Pyramul
at Sharp's Store on the Lower Pyramul

7 Nov 1864
Murder - One Hundred Pounds Reward
for the murder of Alexander MASSON
at Pyramul Creek

Dec 1864
Upon Ah POYE and warrant issued for Peter GLANVILLE
for theft of saddlery