Holtermann Collection Images

Each of the Holtermann Collection Images is a point in time, the images were taken over a period of 1872-73. Merlin revisited some of the same sites over this period, in most cases giving a glimpse of the rapid changes in building construction, from the basic bark and calico huts to more substantial buildings of brick and mortar and wattle and daub construction. The occupation of the businesses also saw constant changes of ownership, this could be identified by the different signage on the facades of the buildings, also shown was the rapid expansion of the Village and surrounding suburban lands.

Directions Merlins Camera Pointed in 1872-73

The arrows on the zoomable aerial image below indicate the direction Merlin pointed his camera...move the mouse over the Name or Number and a thumbnail image will appear of that view, click on the Name or Number and the Panorama View will open

Holtermann Images Courtesy of: Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales
Map courtesy of Google Earth Pro --- Overlay by Warwick P Taylor 2022