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Unknown Denomination
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Identifying the Location

Apart from the Church of England graveyard and the Catholic cemetery there are several references made to another cemetery, aka the burying ground or burial ground between 1852 and 1859.

No mining activity has been identified in this area, the Tambaroora and Turon River Gold Field Map of 1877 does not show any Leases being applied for or issued. Later mining applications from post the 1874 Mining Act again show no activity in the area. In 1893 the area was surveyed by Surveyor Blackett for the development of suburban lots in the north east corner of the town. No indication of the cemetery is shown nor is any mention made in his survey notes. The area does appear to have a history of slaughter yards with the addition of two other yards either still operational at the time of the 1893 survey or their remnants were visible to the Surveyor, these yards are positioned just to the east of where the cemetery is located. This could indicate that the cemetery area has been well trodden by stock movement over the preceding years.

Using the scale on the 1859 Plan the measurement of the cemetery is 90 feet x 45 feet or 136 links x 68 links, again GEP has been used to determine the size.

Known Early Deaths at Tambaroora
21 Jun 1852 - Death - Stephen PRICE

Surveying the Site

Figure 2 below is used to identify the area of interest.

Figure 2 - Satellite image of the Town and area of Interest - (Google Earth Pro [GEP])

The image below shows a close up of the area of interest taken from Surveyor Prices 1859 Town map.

Figure 3 - Cropped area of the 1859 Town Map of Tambaroora showing the area of Interest (Surveyor Price)

Figure 4 - This image shows the 1859 town map overlaid on the GEP satellite image, certain manmade features are still in existence and can be identified on both the GEP satellite image and the 1859 town map, in particular Lots 5 and 6 of Section 4 (Hodges property), Lot 5 of Section 6, Lots 1, 2, 3 and 4 of Section 8 and the Church of England site on Lot 2 Section 16. These points allowed to accurately site the overlay map on the GEP satellite image, and confirmed the magnetic variation for circa 1859.

To determine the location of the pioneer cemetery(PC) I used the surveyors table of measurements (see Figure 5) to create a drawing to reflect those measurements which appear to be specific to finding the site of the PC, see Figure 6.

Figure 5 - Table of Measurements for the 1859 Tambaroora Town Plan

Figure 6 - CAD drawing showing the measurements obtained from the surveyors table

The drawing was then overlaid on the 1859 town map in GEP and manipulated to match the magnetic variation and layout of the town. Particular attention was paid to the following in Figure 7:

Figure 7 - This image shows the above CAD drawing overlaid on GEP and scaled to match GEP scale.
Line 3 = 820.25 links / 541.365 feet - Line 9 = 458.25 / 302.445 feet - Line 10 = 1100 links / 726 feet

Figure 8 below shows a close up view of the CAD drawing and the 1859 Town Map overlaid on GEP and scaled to match GEP scale. The red lines were input by GEP from the CAD drawing and as can be seen they overlay exactly the lines shown on the 1859 map, this speaks volumes as to the accuracy of the Surveyors measurements and scaling of the images. The only exception is the end of Line 10 shown at "B", on the 1859 map it overshoots the red line by 12 feet.

Figure 8 - Close up view of the CAD drawing and the 1859 Town Map overlaid on GEP.

The end result being a location at the end of Line 10 at point "B" Lat: -32.996666° Long: 149.427521°, which I can only assume is for the cemetery, from the close up image above it can be seen that Line 10 does not go to a survey marker that is in contact with the cemetery. In attempting to site the cemetery accurately all that could be done was to measure the distance and angle from the end of Line 10 at point B to what I could only assume was the centre of the cemetery marked on the map.

To date (2018) no Surveyors Notebook has been found for Surveyor Prices survey of the Town.

(The search continues - information to be added when found)