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The cropped image below of the 1859 Town Charting Plan shows a cemetery located in the position of the present day Catholic Cemetery, the surveyor has only indicated that there was a cemetery on that site, no reference being made to the denomination. The surveyor has also indicated the presence of the Roman Catholic church and the Presbyterian church by name but has not named the denomination of the cemetery.

A Gold Lease application made in 1896 for Gold Lease 111 shows on the application the position of the cemetery and a partial survey completed for the southern boundary of the cemetery. 1908 saw another gold lease application number 230 note the cemetery surveyed within the proposed gold lease. Again in 1936 an application for gold lease 435 shows the cemetery and surveyed measurements, the fence line lengths as recorded were confirmed in 2017 by Kelvin Taylor using GPS and surveyors measuring wheel. None of these applications name the cemetery by denomination.

So what we have now from the information above is a cemetery which has no denomination notes yet at the same time on the same maps/plans the surveyor has recorded both the Chinese and the Church of England cemeteries by denomination name. This could suggest another early cemetery which was eventually used as the Catholic cemetery.

Location of both the Chinese and Catholic Cemeteries circa 1860
Plan Courtesy of the NSW State Archives and Records

The image below shows the position of the Catholic Cemetery, the Chinese Cemetery and the General Cemetery that was surveyed in 1897 and dedicated in 1898.

Both the Chinese and Catholic Cemeteries are located within Burying Ground Gully later known as Moonlight Creek or Gully.

Location of the Catholic, Chinese and General Cemetery dedicated in 1898
Image from Google Earth Pro, Trace Lines drawn by Warwick P Taylor 2017

It would appear that this cemetery had escaped any official recognition until 1915 when a notice was placed in the Government Gazette reserving the land for a Cemetery.

The Cemetery was established well before the above date as indicated by the internments already in existence.

November 1915 saw the first official Trustees appointed for the Cemetery.