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The survey plan of this cemetery (386.3090) notes that it was to be dedicated under the 104th Section of the Crown Lands Act of 1884. The site was surveyed in Jul 1897 and approved in Dec 1897, the land was withdrawn from the Hill End and Tambaroora Temporary Commonage on the 19th Feb 1898, and was dedicated on the 8th Oct 1898.

As an adjunct to the General Cemetery, land was also reserved from sale for a Plantation and Extension to the Cemetery.

The image below shows the actual Cemetery without the addition of the Plantation, the Race shown in the bottom right of the image is still in existence and easily identified today.

Source: (233) Parish Map of Tambaroora 1899

Layout and Location of the General Cemetery in the western area of Tambaroora (centre left of image)

The proposed Appropriations for the denominations were:
Church of England - 3 roods 20 perches
Roman Catholic - 2 roods 32 perches
Unsectarian - 1 rood 32 perches
Presbyterian - 1 rood 20 perches
Wesleyan - 1 rood 20 perches
Independent - 1 rood 20 perches
Jews - 1 rood 4 ½ perches

Trustee's were appointed in 1898 for both the Wesleyan

and the Church of England

It is worth noting that 30 years after the appointment of Frederick Le Measurier as a Trustee of the Church of England portion of the General Cemetery it was gazetted that he was removed from the list of Trustee's.

In 1929 this General Cemetery was inadvertently "fixed" by a Corporate Body from Bathurst unaware that it was the intention to fix the Cemetery located on Steele Street which was formerly the Church of England's Graveyard when the first church was located on the site from 1854 to 1871. The Steele Street Cemetery had always been referred to as the Church of England Cemetery hence the error. This and the non-denominational burials made in the past in the Steele Street Cemetery eventually lead to approaches being made to have the Steele Street Cemetery made into the General Cemetery. The change from Church of England Cemetery to the Tambaroora General Cemetery occurred in 1951.