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This Church was built by community input from subscriptions in the later part of 1854. Further subscriptions were made again in early 1855 towards its completion.

First Roman Catholic Church
Cropped image from the Holtermann Collection
Courtesy of the State Library of NSW

The exact location of the Church is currently unknown but it was noted in a newspaper article upon the opening of the new Church in 1873 that it was only a short walk between the two Churches.

The new Church was located on Lot 4, a suburban lot within the Town's boundary. The laying of the foundation stone took place in December 1873. Prior to the formalities of the laying of the stone, the Very Reverend D.J. D'Arcy read an address to his Lordship Doctor Quinn.

Little is known of its construction but mention has been made of its red brick walls, evidence of this still surrounds the site today.

In 1891 questions were raised in the NSW Parliament regarding the legal aspects of the ground upon which the Church was situated, it was realised that although an area had been allocated for the Church on Lot 4 the area had not been dedicated nor was a Deed issued.

The Crown Lands on which the Church was located was dedicated on the 28th November 1893.

The 9th February 1894 saw the land granted for a Roman Catholic Church on Suburban Lot 4 within the Town boundary (476). The Grant being made in retrospect as was the case with other Churches and Cemeteries in and around Tambaroora.
The following persons were appointed Trustee's:
BYRNE Joseph Patrick, D.D. The Right Reverend
DORAN Patrick Joseph, Reverend
CULLEN William
FLYNN Thomas

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Clergy of the Church
1854 - Reverend Father KUMS (007) Page 3, 16 Dec 1854

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