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Wesleyan Methodist Church
Cropped image from the Holtermann Collection
Courtesy of the State Library of NSW

In the later part of 1852 those of the Wesleyan faith resolved to provide a place of worship within the Town. After procuring a bark constructed building 18' x 12', and with some additions and small modifications completed the Church was was opened on the 19th September 1852.

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May 1865 saw land gazetted for the Wesleyan Community, Lot 6 as the Wesleyan Ministers Residence, Lot 7 as the Wesleyan School, and Lot 8 and Lot 9 as the Wesleyan Church.

The Church had already been established for thirteen years prior to the land being dedicated to the Wesleyan Church on the 3rd May 1865. The 1877 map shows the Wesleyan Church Reserve and dedicated Church Reserve located on lots 6, 7, 8 and 9 in Section 2 and two unnumbered lots in Section 10 (later known as Section 23). The 1892 map shows only the lots allocated in Section 2, the lots in Section 10 (23) were changed to Reserve 14080.

The Chapel having already being established was in fact located on Lot 2 Section 10 as indicated on the Survey Plan T.12-1710, this plan shows a chapel and other buildings situated on this lot as opposed to the lots which were granted and dedicated in 1865.
Survey Plan T.24-1710 actually identifies the chapel by name as the "WESL CHURCH" in the same position but instead of being noted within Lot 2 Section 10 it is now within Reserve 14080 due to the re-structuring of the lots and sections. The Holtermann Collection of images shows the Church, although not being able to ascertain its location accurately it can be established that it did exist.

The new Tambaroora General Cemetery located in the western part of Tambaroora and which was dedicated in 1898 saw the appointments of the Wesleyan Trustee's for their portion of the new Cemetery. This Cemetery should not be confused with the current General Cemetery.

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