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25th Jan 1853
Appointment of Clerk of Petty Sessions

2nd Feb 1853
Proclamation for Gold Fields
This Proclamation does not specifically mention Tambaroora but it is included in No.1 in the list

25th Feb 1853
Appointment of Registrar of the Court of Requests

4th Mar 1853
Tenders for Supplies

12th Mar 1853
Tambaroora Cricket Club Match

18th Mar 1853
Annual Licencing Meeting

19th Mar 1853
Fatal Accident

25th Mar 1853
Tenders for Supplies

25th Mar 1853
Public Pound Established

2nd Apr 1853
Meeting to Propose Holding a Horse Race Meeting

19 Apr 1853
Publican Licence issued for the Albion Inn at Tambaroora

29th Apr 1853
Table of Rates - Trespass of Stock

11th and 12th May 1853
Program for the First Race Meeting

11th and 12th May 1853
Results of First Race Meeeting

13th May 1853
Tenders for Provisions

11th Jun 1853
Establishment of the Church of England School

1st Jul 1853
Tenders for Provisions

9#th Jul 1853
Samuel Flat, Tambaroora

9th Jul 1853
Tambaroora Gold Mining Joint Stock Company

19th Jul 1853
Tenders for Conveyance of Mails

22nd Jul 1853
Resignation and Appointment of a Poundkeeper

20th Aug 1853
Change of Management of the Hand and Heart Inn

9th Aug 1853
Transfer of Publicans Licenses

16th Aug 1853
Appointment of Inspector of Weights and Measures

19th Aug 1853
Table of Rates for Trepass of Stock

24th Sep 1853
Notice to Owners of Lost Horses

30th Sep 1853
Sale of the Golden Ball Hotel

26th Oct 1853
Quartz Crushing at Tambaroora
Cole and Austin of Dirt Holes

12th Nov 1853
Royal Quartz Crushing Company

14th Jan 1854
Discovery of a Gold Bearing Quartz Vein