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19th Feb 1858
Appointment of Sergeant Robert Robertson as Inspector of Weights and Measures and Slaughter Houses and Corporal Thomas Kelly as Bailiff of the Small Debts Court

13th Mar 1858
Advertisement for the Hargraves Hotel

20th Mar 1858
Disturbance between Chinese and Europeans

29th Mar 1858
Petition to Establish a Local Court

27 Apr 1858
Publican Licence issued for the Alpha Inn at Dirt Holes(81)

27 Apr 1858
Publican Licence issued for the Currency Lad Hotel at Golden Gully(81)

2nd Aug 1858
Public Meeting Held to Discuss a Permanent Water Supply

1st Sep 1858
Description of, and Population of the Chinese on the Goldfield

4th Sep 1858
The Chinese at Tambaroora