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To date only two mentions have been found for this Hospital, an article in the Empire newspaper describes a Dinner held in honor of the visit by the Premier of NSW. The Vice-Chairman of the Dinner proposed a toast to the resident Gold Commissioner Joseph Cox Esq., and described the achievements made by Cox at Tambaroora, one of those was the 18th Aug 1860 Tambaroora Hospital.

A Later article in 27th Jan 1862 by the Empire Newspaper describes the ongoing functioning of the Hospital.

Later, on the 1st Jun 1872 an article in the Australian and Country Journal mentions donations being subscribed for a Hospital at Tambaroora, this a timely reminder that the Tambaroora mentioned in the article is referring to the area and NOT the town, this Hospital was eventually built in Hill End and was later known as the Hill End and Tambaroora Hospital aka the Hill End and Tambaroora District Hospital.

The above article mentions Mr.W. HOLMAN & Mr. PAXTON as subscribers to the Hospital.